Welcome to our CAMPUS software introduction

Campus is online software system for tenants. It has been specialized for housing management that has short and long term rent contracts and it is a perfect system to be used for students housing.


CAMPUS advantages:


  • System reduces significantly workers duties and gives a very good overview about the renting situation, processing applications and future cash flow.
  • Applicant can follow the application process online.
  • System allows workers to process thousands of applications in a very short time period.
  • Flexible system allows to add one time services or order recurrent services.


  • System can be linked to all systems of accounting. At the moment CAMPUS is linked to WINTIME, NAVISION, AXAPTA and HANSA.
  • Also it is possible to manage with internet access control systems (like RADIUS) – with a username and password, managed by CAMPUS, workers can control who has access to the Campus Internet network.
  • Send reports, invoices and dataflow to KELA and mass mailing systems.
  • Flexibility
  • Changeable rules for application
  • Possibility to group rooms
  • Possibility to group tenants (family, foreign course etc.)

Fair play

  • Accurate/fair distribution of cost between rooms
  • Transparency of invoices
  • Distribution of damages made by tenants in the public area
  • Overview about tenants depts

Fast service

  • Fast submitting and processing of applications
  • Helpdesk – possibility to report quickly problems and accidents through tenants environment
  • Overview about maintenance, valuation of priorities
  • Forwarding information and invoices via email ( mass mailing system)
  • Key´s management
  • Saving of costs
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Point out easily the fullfillment of rooms

CAMPUS views:

CAMPUS tenant view

  • Tenants can send their application through internet
  • Confirm room offers
  • View their applications, contracts, invoices and payments
  • Affirm their room assets
  • See messages sent to them
  • Inform administration about problems

CAMPUS worker view

  • Manage tenants
  • Application management
  • Contracts management
  • Flat maintenance
  • Public utility charge
  • Compilation invoices
  • Division of damages, caused in public area
  • Send messages to tenants
  • Reporting
  • Helpdesk

CAMPUS administrator view

  • Users management
  • Describing system parameters
  • Multilingual registers management
  • Set rent cost calculation
  • Apartments, houses management
  • Describing houses and rooms
  • Room assets management
  • Data export
  • Banners management

CAMPUS application view

  • In addition to administration, workers and tenants environment there is a public CAMPUS environment where future tenants can submit their applications.
  • The ones who have applied through the public environment will receive an email with CAMPUS username and password, after that they can enter the tenants environment.