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The Student Village Foundation of Turku 21.01.2007
“It was pleasure for us to do co-operation with You. Our timetable was very tight, but it was possible to use new programs January 2007. That was the most important aim. You took care of it.  You have very exact manner to do your tasks and your reporting is excellent. Hopefully we can do some co-operation also in future.”

Aimo Suoniemi
(Director of Finance)

“In 2007 we started to use Campus software. It was love from the first sight. Campus is integrated to WINTIME accounting system and makes a perfect match. Using Campus has decreased our everyday work tremendously. It has reduced paperwork, we have less documents and maps. It saves time and money! Our tenants love it also. Because the system is online and they have the opportunity to use it anytime as the office hours are not so important anymore. Students only have to come to the office one time – to get the keys! The possibility to develop software on day by day basis gives us opportunity to make the program more valuable to us. As soon as we a have a new idea – we can be sure that soon it will be released in the Campus software for our use. CWD Campus team constantly upgrades the program and offers us the latest version. CDW Campus team has been very polite and they show very professional approach and last but not least – the prices are reasonable. The money we have invested into this software is worth every penny of it and we gladly recommend it!”

Pirjo Lipponen –Vaitomaa
(Manager of the Housing Affairs
The Student Village Foundation of Turku)

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  • The Student Village Foundation of Turku
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